Feedback for AI applications in the materials industry

Clarity: 4/5
Quality: 3/5
Relevance: 5/5


- "What did we learn?" presents take home messages that were not in the presentation.

- By the way: "What did we learn?" would be useful for the previous presentation too.

- I feel tabular data is looked upon condescendingly here. It is the most important form of data, while you now get the impression that it is what you get after you reduce some other types of data. I would present at least 1 example of purely tabular data + stress more its importance. For example: a database of materials properties versus some relevant tags (material grade, surface treatment applied, location of plant, ...). There is no way to put that in an image or time series.

- I would not use the term "corporate bureaucracy". It has a negative connotation. "Corporate administration"?

- Possible question: True/False: You cannot apply artificial intelligence to images without a dedicated framework that can handle image file types.

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